Digital Re-creations

At MetaMorphic, we take your product and re-create it for virtual tabletop. This process does more than put words on the screen — it enriches your work with functioning tables, instant calculations, dynamically-lit maps, and more.

VTT Conversion Services

VTT conversions are not just converting text from one medium to another. There are many processes that occur to bring the material to life.

Handouts and Journal Entries

Certain passages and imagery needs to be presented at an appropriate time to the player. These are segregated and packaged to assist the gamemaster.

Actor and Item Database

Every individual item, ability, and actor needs to be encapsulated and ready to be accessed by various parts of the VTT. This allows for character building and automation.

Interactive Maps

All maps can be brought to life with dynamic lighting, visibility walls, and weather effects. This strengthens immersion in game play.

Character Sheets

VTT's can not only show the rules, but they can help fill out character sheets on their own. These sheets can be programmed to automate most functions.

Roll Formulas

To alleviate the need for the player to add up every bonus and penalty, the VTT can do this for them. All they need to do is roll.

Automation, Effects, and Tokens

VTT's allow us to go beyond pen and paper and provide 3D resources, storytelling effects, quality of life automation, and more.

Don't Fall Behind the Curve

The tabletop industry is growing and the internet is here to stay. Lets work together to get your product to a whole new audience.

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Catilus RPG

I am so glad I teamed up with Sigil (now MetaMorphic) for the VTT rewards of my first Kickstarter campaign, Cute Creatures Compendium. They created an awesome sample module for the campaign's launch and then worked diligently to convert the entire book into top-tier VTT products with insane attention to detail. I literally can't think of how they could've done the conversion better.

Todd Gizzi

Content Manager for Roll20

Amy and her team are responsible for bringing some of the most integrated games Roll20 already has to offer. They're on the cutting edge of character sheet innovation and they continue to impress me release after release with how they make things come to life

Andrew Clayton

Creator, Foundry Virtual Tabletop

We have had the pleasure of working with Sigil Services (now MetaMorphic) for the past few years, in partnership with a variety of publishers they represent. We are proud of their commitment to delivering high quality content for our platform, and we look forward to seeing how high we can raise that bar together.

Travis Legge

Onyx Path Publishing

Sigil (now MetaMorphic) provides excellent service, with knowledgeable staff who are skilled at communicating expectations, needs, challenges, and timelines. They're a pleasure to work with on all fronts. Highly recommended!

Martin Takaichi

Free League Publishing

Sigil Services (now MetaMorphic) have created great looking and well crafted Roll20 versions of our games. They are quick to adapt to feedback and their attention to detail really makes the end product stand out!

About Us

As soon as the need for VTT resources arose, MetaMorphic went into action. We have been building our team and providing best-in-class solutions ever since.

Our Mission

Provide high-quality VTT conversions for the leading VTT platforms, that stay true to the original material.

Our Plan

Produce premium RPG content that leverages the technological abilities of the platforms, while letting content creators get back to worldbuilding.

Our Vision

Continue to lead the industry in VTT adoption and content creation. Build tools that make the process efficient and leverage new capabilities as they emerge.

Facts About MetaMorphic Digital Studio

As one of the first VTT companies we got a head start, and there is much more content in the works.



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